Financial planning is a process.  We can help you define your financial goals and then help you implement a strategy to achieve them.  Like any process there are a number of steps involved.

Step One - Meet with one of our financial planners.

This meeting will give us an opportunity to get to know you and what your goals and financial aspirations might be.  During this meeting we will be able to give you specific ideas about how we believe we can help you and what the broad outlines of our strategy may look like. At this stage we will ask if you would like us to go ahead with putting a financial plan together for you. 

Step Two – We put together a tailored financial plan.

We will put a plan together based on the information you provided to us.  Our plan will be structured to assist you in meeting your goals and objectives.  Tailoring a plan to meet your needs may take some time; we provide a high quality service and want to get it right for you. This may involve subsequent meetings or phone conversations.

Step Three – We present the completed plan to you.

At your next meeting we will present you with your personal financial plan.  Your financial plan will address your goals and objectives and provide you with a detailed solution to meet your needs.    At the end of this meeting we will ask if you want to put the plan into action.


Step Four – Implement the plan.

Our recommendations will need to be put into action.  This may require filling out forms, setting up a savings plan or changing how you currently plan for the future.  We will help you with this process, after all, your plan is only effective if it is actioned properly.

Step Five – Review your financial plan.

We will contact you to revisit your situation.  Government policies change, new products appear on the market and people’s personal situations develop over time.  Your financial plan is a living document and we will continue to assist you as your personal situation changes over time.