New name, new look, better than ever

So, this year marked the ten year anniversary for Hogben Farrell Financial Planning, and in that time, along with our clients, business partners, family and associates, we’ve come a long way and had many changes. You might be forgiven for thinking that we’ve had enough and it’s time for a little quiet, but that’s not really been the way we like to do things. Forever on the lookout for better, we’re rarely content to sit still for long.

In that great tradition we’re happy to announce our new name and new look for the next decade. Introducing:

Guided Wealth clear.png

The new name represents the direction we’re taking with the business and provides a new start to what is a very different financial advice practice to when it all began in 2008.

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Independent Financial Advice

In preparation of our new business image, we have made some restructuring to our business model and now officially fit the Corporations Act definition of independent financial advice. Despite being independently owned and self-licenced, with no affiliation with external product providers, for the last six years; we did not fully meet the exacting definition as required in the Corporations Act.

We are extremely pleased to be able to say we are one of a very small group of advisers who can now make that claim. At last count SuperGuide, who attempt to keep track of those advisers who meet the definition, have only 114 other advisers nationally who have registered as independent. Now I am certain there are a whole lot more out there who just don’t wish to register, but out of over 24,000 advisers in Australia, even at double or triple, that number is still a very small percentage and an achievement we are very proud of.

Being labelled independent wont change anything for our clients.  The service and advice is still the same high-quality, unbiased recommendations we have always strived for. But with all the negative publicity swirling around financial planning currently, it’s a reassuring point of difference we believe others will value. If you know anyone who you think could benefit from a similar type of conflict-free, client-centric advice that you have enjoyed, please let them know about us!

On the move (again) 1.png

Believe it or not, I love complaints! I can’t improve things if I don’t know about them and so even negative feedback is always welcome. As a very nimble and client focused business we are able be responsive to issues. When we first made our office move earlier this year, it became quickly apparent that parking and access was a problem. Parking was very crowded locally, especially given the nearby residential unit construction, and access internally to the meeting rooms for clients with mobility issues was not straight forward. Lastly, meetings later in the afternoon that might run a bit into the evening had trouble as the business centre closes at 5pm on the dot.

So, to address these problems we have been able to find a new home as a sub-tenant in a Hawthorn office, not too far from our current location. Starting from November you will find us at Suite 309, Level 3, Pacific Tower, 737 Burwood Road, Hawthorn East VIC 3123. There is ample parking both street side and a low-cost carpark next door, elevator access covers all floors, there are no time restrictions and the rooms are well lit with natural light from external windows.

We look forward to enjoying the upgrade with you starting November when we finish up our agreement in Kew. Remember also that we are very active with home visits, phone and video call meetings, even a local coffee shop makes a pleasant review meeting spot; so there are many alternatives to an office appointment.

New branding

So, with our name change comes a new look and feel for all our client communications, website and other supporting paperwork. There is no change to any of our business numbers, such as our ABN or AFSL, and all contact details, except emails, remain the same.

The new website will be progressively updated as branding is confirmed. All emails will replace hffp with guidedwealth, but the contact details will continue to work indefinitely at this time.
As you can probably tell we are very excited for these changes and are looking forward to the next decade with our clear, fresh new look and reconfirmed independent advice business.

A new era begins

Daniel Hogben has officially left Hogben Farrell Financial Planning, however it is full steam ahead here all the same! Stephen is more energised than ever to bring you the best in financial planning advice and service.

Not one to stand still, many new initiatives are on the go as we expand out the quality, depth and variety of service offered to our clients. Get in touch with us now to hear more.

New Website Live!

Construction is over and we are good to go! We have recently done a major revamp on our website, as you can likely see if you are reading this.

Have a look around, hopefully you will like what you see. We aim to improve on it over time, particularly in making it more relevant to our clients and be a destination for information about financial advice generally, Hogben Farrell Financial Planning specifically, and anything else we can think of that you might find value or interest in.

We would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to send us an email or write a comment below.