In our heart of hearts, we are planners; not investment analysts or brokers, not economic forecasters or insurance salespeople. As financial planners; we help you define what you want, plan how to achieve it, and guide you along the way. It really is that simple.


Our Philosophy

It's all about you. Everything starts and ends with our clients. What is it that you want? What things have you maybe not considered? Can we get you there? How? All our planning conversations start with these questions and form the basis of all our future discussions with you.

We believe that our advice must always be answering these questions, and progressing you closer to achieving the things you told us are important to you. It is the strategy, the ongoing goals, that make a real difference to you, not the product or investment or markets. As long as we always put you first, then we should be consistently able to deliver a service you find invaluable.

Who Are We?

Guided Wealth (originally Hogben Farrell Financial Planning) was established at the height of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 by Daniel Hogben & Stephen Farrell, who built their practice up from scratch, a daunting task given the market environment of the time. In 2017 Stephen bought out Daniel and Stephen is now the sole owner and operator of Guided Wealth. Stephen is the Financial Planner who provides the advice and is the Responsible Manager who runs his own, directly held Australian Financial Services License. Stephen is an AFP® Member of the Financial Planning Association, and consequently abides by their Code of Professional Practice; including their Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.

Stephen is university qualified, has completed post graduate financial planning diplomas, exceeds ASIC's annual training requirements and has extensive experience in the financial services profession.

Stephen is the sole director at Guided Wealth, Senior Financial Planner and the Responsible Manager for our AFSL.  He has over nineteen years experience in the financial services industry.

Stephen's educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance & Investment and a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, both from the Securities Institute.

Stephen is an AFP with the Financial Planning Association and is currently undertaking his Certified Financial Planning designation studies.

Stephen Farrell

OUr License

Guided Wealth Pty Ltd holds its own Australian Financial Services Licence (427218) directly with ASIC and is 100% owned by Stephen. Guided Wealth conforms to the Corporations Act definition of independence.

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