Whether you are only just starting to think about what your retirement might look like or have been enjoying the 'third age' of life for a while, we can help put some certainty to what might otherwise be a financially and personally confusing future.

Our approach

  Daniel Hogben

Maybe you have been managing your finances for many years but now want some professional confirmation you are headed in the right direction. Perhaps you want someone to take a few of the more intense duties off your plate so you can have more time. It could be that money has never really been your thing and you have many questions about how to best get through the coming years in good financial health. We can help you understand your options and lend a guiding hand in your decisions. It's all about empowering you to keep making your life decisions just like you always have.

Many Financial Planners will try to get you to hand over all decisions about what you can spend, where you must invest and present the impression that their way is the only way. We believe great retirement planning, like all financial planning, is a collaborative effort where we give you the tools you need to make your own choices. We can do as much, or as little, of the heavy lifting as you feel you need, and it is always an ongoing discussion about where to next.

We provide you with the early warning and advice to keep you headed where you told us you wanted to go. We steer you clear of trouble, but ultimately make sure you are making all decisions in an informed way. Importantly, as your life changes (and it will, especially in retirement), we are there to help you with those new challenges that get thrown up.

What's different

Want more than a blanket 'just stick to the plan' approach to market volatility? When looking at making your hard-earned savings last your many retirement years, while facing the ever changing landscape of investment markets, governments and legislation; your financial plan must adapt with you. This can mean pro-actively moving your money to reduce the investment carnage of market bubbles and crashes; having an adaptable strategy to guide the spending side of your retirement plan; and to not lose focus on achieving the lifestyle you desire. As much as possible we fit your strategy to you, we don't aim to fit you to the strategy.

As we all look to live longer, and the demographics of an ageing population place greater pressure on State and Federal Governments; whether in the booming Age Pension needs or the steadily increasing health and aged care costs; you can be certain the government will reduce its support and become a genuine safety net. This means it is going to be essential that we all plan for the consequences of those inevitable changes. Maximising your situation in light of these growing demands is what we do best. Retirement should be a time of re-invention and re-discovery, not fear and uncertainty. Let us help you navigate those challenges.