Are you a Self Manged Superannuation Fund investor, or just wondering what all the fuss is about? Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) have been a rapidly growing part of financial planning for years; especially the last decade where they now account for more funds under management than any other part of the superannuation industry. SMSFs are also continuing to grow faster than other segments, with over a million SMSF members across the country.

The control and transparency of SMSFs is a great reason why these superannuation vehicles are so popular, with growing customer dissatisfaction in the large industry, government and retail superannuation funds who often give too little information and make you feel like it's not really your money.

Many client's who come to us with their existing funds or looking to set up a SMSF for the first time value our ability to maintain that transparency and control that initially sparked their interest.  We try to not let you be overly burdened with the ongoing compliance and management that an SMSF can cause, if not done properly. We can also help optimise the structure and use of your SMSF, an area we often find not used to its maximum potential.

As an SMSF client of Hogben Farrell you'll get the depth of our technical superannuation knowledge, combined with how to integrate this super fund into your overall financial plan. This maximises the benefits and power of a self managed fund for your specific situation. Often having an SMSF can leave some clients without those few benefits of the big retail funds, such as investment diversity and sophistication, so we make sure that isn't the case for you.

To discuss how we can help you integrate your SMSF into your broader financial plan, call us today.